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Nic attracted world wide press attention & made history by pulling off one of  radio’s biggest April Fools Jokes, by calling the South African President & Icon Nelson Mandela at home, while pretending To be Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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It was the year of the World Cup in France, the England manager said no press could speak to the team ahead of their first match. Nic got through to the England Goal Keeper David Seaman just prior to training for the opening game. He thought he was talking to The Arch Bishop Of Canterbury.

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Meanwhile back in another life…
Nic did made his first broadcast on the BBC at the age of 11.

Over the years, Nic has worked at some of the UK’s biggest media brands across the UK.
In 1998, during one of his Breakfast Show’s he decided to pull off one of Radio’s biggest April Fools
Jokes, & then later, wind up the English Football Team during The World Cup.